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“Jordan Klemons is a great guitarist with unlimited potential. His prodigious technique is never an end in itself but instead the means to musical expression. He has a great melodic imagination as well as a strong rhythmic approach. He is a musician who looks to the past for inspiration and influence yet has a modern conception; he is someone to look out and listen for!”
Peter Bernstein

“Jordan Klemons is an agile, forward thinking guitarist, fluent in the language of Jim Hall and John Scofield. His solos bristle with intense rhythmic drive and melodic invention… [This City] sounds great – every track is its own world and the flow from beginning to end tells a story. Deep writing and arrangements and guitar playing – it’s a bold statement!”
Brad Shepik

“Jordan Klemons has a knack for making the sophisticated sound accessible. His strong guitar chops kick his already captivating original music into a higher level of beauty and groove.”
Alan Ferber


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Photo credit: Erika Kapin